The International Cooking Club Singapore (ICCS) was born in mid-August of 2015. The mission of ICCS is to bring together women living in Singapore who (a) share a passion for food and cooking, (b) who have a wide range of culinary skills, (c) come from Singapore and from all over the globe, (d) want to make new friends, and (e) are keen to improve their culinary repertoire.

We soon discovered that we started learning new recipes from these new friends who came from all over the world.  Simply by word of mouth and learning about us on a few social media platforms, more and more women joined our informal get-togethers.  We currently have approximately 300 active women broken into about 30 cooking and baking groups, plus several hundred alumni women who were in the organisation and, for example, have left Singapore since (we have a large number of expatriates in ICCS) or took on full time jobs. In total we come from 97 countries. It became obvious that there were a host of women who were looking for the opportunity to become part of a small group of like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for cooking.

In early March 2016, we were formally registered as a non-profit organization in Singapore.  There are no fees to join and no exchange of money for the ingredients at the cooking or baking sessions. We currently have a few groups with openings for ladies to join.  If there is sufficient interest, we will look into the possibility to expand by adding on new cooking and baking groups in the early months of 2018.

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